Inner process filled with automatic machines

From Picture 1 to 12 they are all auto machines for inner process to produce accurate PCBs.

Pic 1  Auto VCP line

Pic 2  Auto LDI Exprosure Machine

Pic 3  Auto Drilling +AGV Machines

Pic 4  Auto Legend Print Line

Pic 5  Auto Pressing Line

Pic 6  Auto AVI inspection Machine

Pic 7  Auto Routing Machine

Pic 8 Auto E-Test Machine

Pic 9 Auto Packaging Machine

Pic 10 Auto AOI Machine

Pic 11 Auto 4-wire Fly Probe Test Machine

Pic 12 Auto Soldermask spray coating line 

Facility outside view, VCP /  V-cut / Tunnel Oven / Soldermask / Silk / Rout / PTH / Packing / Packing 1 / ODF / ODF-1/LF HASL/ Gold plating / FQC / ET/ ENIG/ Drill/Cutting /AOI


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